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August 13
Board of Assessors Meeting
August 18
Planning & Zoning Board Meeting
August 31
BOC Meeting
September 1
Planning & Zoning Board Meeting
September 10
Board of Assessors Meeting
September 14
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September 15
Planning & Zoning Board Meeting
September 28
BOC Meeting
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Building Inspection

Telephone: 706-795-6350
Fax: 706-795-5176
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About Us:

We will not be issuing permits nor approving plats on August 5 & 6 and August 11 & 12. 

Sorry for any inconveniences this may cause. 


  The Building & Zoning Department works to ensure public safety thru code compliance. The department issues permits and performs inspections for all construction, including electrical, hvac, and plumbing work in Madison County. We also address zoning. The Zoning Administrator has a webpage that includes the Zoning Ordinance, Zoning Book and information concerning regulations for zoning.


Teresa Patton                                         Linda Fortson                                          Eddie Pritchett

Department Head                                Zoning Administrator                                Building Inspector                            

Physical Address:                                                           Mailing Address:
              91 Albany Ave                                                                  P.O. Box 1138
            Danielsville, GA 30633                                                     Danielville, GA  30633

Office Hours:       Monday - Friday                               Phone Number:         706-795-6350
                              8a.m. - 5 p.m.                                                                          706-795-6340

 Fax Number:               706-795-5176



 Permits are issued Monday thru Friday 8a.m. – 4:30p.m.




Inspections need to be called in by 4:30p.m. to be placed on the schedule for the next business day. It is the responsibility of the contractor or homeowner to call and cancel any inspection that is not going to be ready. Cancellations should be called in by 9:30a.m. of the inspection to prevent a $50 re-inspect fee.




BEFORE beginning any type of construction contact our department to see what permits will be needed.




If you live in the cities of Colbert, Comer, or Ila you fall under their jurisdiction. You will need to contact their city hall to see if they require a permit. If a permit is required, then you will get a detailed letter from them with the location, the type of work, what permit they are requiring and that you have met their zoning requirements. After this has been determined you can click on the link below that applies to what you are building to see what the permit requirements are. You will bring those requirements along with the letter from the city to our office and purchase your permit.




City of Colbert – 706-788-2311              City of Comer – 706-783-4552           City of Ila – 706-789-2244




State of Georgia requires ALL general contractors, electricians, HVAC, and plumbers to be licensed and that the counties verify each.



Madison county Building & Zoning requires all contractors, electricians, hvac, and plumbers to register with our department every year, to complete a contractor affidavit for each permit they are listed on and to provide a copy of your license. (These can be printed off the State of Georgia website or you can purchase them when you renew your license).


Click on the links below to print out the registration form, the affidavit and the registration ordinance.Both of the forms need to be filled out and returned to our department before any inspections can be performed.





  Contractor Registration





Permit fees are based on the heated and unheated (porches, decks, garage, basement, etc.) square footage of the structure, the amperage of the meter base, type of heat unit (tonnage or BTU’s), and the number of plumbing fixtures.






Here is a link to the Department of Community Affairs with a list of the construction codes and amendments that Madison County adopted and enforces






The following list are links to the permit requirements. This is not a complete list of what needs to be permitted, again before any type of construction remodel, moving, altering, repair, or change to a structure please contact our department.



            Footing Diagram
            Window Requirements
            Inspection Information

             Pre Health & Safety Inspection Form
             Manufactured Home Ventilation

              Plans Review Requirements



               Misc. Forms


Complaint Forms











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