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Welcome to the Official Madison County Georgia Government Web Site
Magistrate Court

Telephone: 706-795-6375
Fax: 706-795-2222
Map & Directions
About Us:
              P.O. Box 6 (mailing)      91 Albany Avenue (physical)         Danielsville, GA 30633
          Our office is now accepting VISA & Mastercard and efiling at  
 Note: If you need help with traffic citations, please call Probate Court 706-795-6365     
                                                             Judge David Patton, Chief Magistrate
                                            Pepper Thompson, Associate Judge and Clerk
                                                    Kelly Caldwell, Deputy Clerk
                                                    Beth Harmon, Deputy Clerk
               Welcome and thank you for visiting the Madison County Magistrate Court Department page.
     The Magistrate Court has criminal and civil jurisdictions. The criminal responsibilities include issuing arrest warrants as well as good behavior bonds, conducting first appearance, bond, extradition, committal, and warrant applications hearing, presiding over and conducting trials for county ordinance violations and misdemeanor bad checks along with certain other misdemeanors as specified by statute.
           The civil jurisdiction includes the trial and adjudication of civil claims of $15,000 or less, dispossessory (eviction) proceedings ($15,000 limitation does not apply to dispossessory action), garnishments and personal property foreclosures.
            This department page is designed to provide information, procedure, and forms to aid in matters governed by Magistrate Court.
            Please be advised that it is illegal and improper for the clerks and/or the judge to dispense legal advise. Should you need legal advise, please contact an attorney of your choice.
           Court personnel must remain impartial by law, therefore we ask that you do not discuss your personal circumstances with the clerks.
            We are here to assist you with the proper filing procedure for your case.
                                    2019 Fee Schedule   (includes Sheriff Service fee)
                                             Statement of Claim           (one defendant)                    $104.00
                                             Dispossessory                    (one defendant)                   $104.00
                                             Garnishment                                                                  $104.00
                                             Foreclosure                                                                    $104.00
                                             Abandoned Vehicle                                                        $10.00 
                                             Interrogatory                                                                   $10.00
                                             FiFa                                                                                 $ 9.00 
                                             Warrant Application (i.e.) Pre-Warrant                          $20.00
                                             Bad Check/Deposit Account Fraud  Warrant                 $20.00
                                             Sheriff's Re-Service                                                        $50.00
                                             **Each Additional Defendant                                        $50.00
                                                  **"All Others" is considered an additional defendant**     
Court Schedule:
Office Hours -  8:00 am to 5:00 pm
            Filing of cases and/or answers must be received by 4:30 pm or will be file
stamped for the next business day.
Second Tuesday of the Month-Preliminary Hearings - 9:00 am
Third Tuesday of the Month-County Ordinance Violations - 9:30 am

Cancellations and Request for Continuance must be received 24 hours prior to your court date.

Should you desire to speak to Judge Patton or Associate Judge Thompson personally, please schedule an appointment with the Deputy Clerks. This will ensure that your needs are given first priority.

Mediated Hearings are scheduled by Alternative Dispute Resolution. Please contact their office 706-613-3210 for additional information on hearings.

Information Sheets and Filing Forms:

**Original Documents to be filed in court must be notarized or witnessed by the
 Judge, Clerk  or Deputy Clerk**
      Statement of Claim Forms                                                                                   
    Dispossessory Forms
  Abandoned Vehicles     (also check with the Tax Commissioner's Office for further information)
   Bad Checks
   Miscellanous Forms
Foreclosure of Personal Property






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