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Welcome to the Official Madison County Georgia Government Web Site
Planning and Zoning

Telephone: 706-795-6345
Fax: 706-795-5176
Map & Directions

About Us:

91 Albany Ave.

PO Box 1138

Danielsville, GA. 30633

Zoning Administrator:  Linda Fortson


Normal business hours are Monday- Friday 8:00 to 5:00.

Planning & Zoning and Building Inspection are now combined and we have moved.  You can now find us on the main hall next to the water fountain.

It doesn't matter how well you do in life, but how much Good you do.

For all properties located within a City Limits you will need to contact the City Hall.  We are County Only.                                                                      

Carlton:  706-797-3210    

 Colbert: 706-788-2311    

Comer: 706-783-4552

Danielsville: 706-795-2189    

 Hull: 706-548-8843          

 Ila: 706-789-2244......

For county water call the IDA at 706-795-9865

The IDA is located in the Old Court House in Danielsville.

For all rezone applications pleae call and make an appointment, this does take about 20 to 30 minutes.


Members of the Planning & Zoning Board 2015

        The purpose of the Madison County Planning and Zoning Department is to help the Board of Commissioners decide on land use with the best long term interests of the county. The Planning and Zoning Department achieves this through community-driven long range planning and through the application of the county's land use regulations. The county's Comprehensive Plan serves as an overall guide for development in the county, while the Madison County Zoning Ordinance, Subdivision Regulations, and Stormwater Ordinance provide specific details about how that development is to take place.

        Applications for the rezoning of property, for conditional uses, and for variances are accepted and reviewed by the Planning and Zoning Department, and are brought before the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Commissioners for review and approval. The Planning and Zoning Department also reviews  preliminary and final plats for approval by the Planning and Zoning Commission and the Board of Commissioners.

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Application Deadline and Meeting Dates 2016

Plat approval

  •  We now require 3 paper copies and 1 Cad file on disc of a plat for approval.  Most plats can be approved when brought in.  To make sure you may want to call first.  There is a $15.00 approval fee for these plats.  We also request that all city plats be brought in to have the Map and Parcel placed on the plat before recording, there is no fee for these plats.   We also ask the plates of existing parcels be brought in so that we can make sure that our mapping records are correct, there is no fee on these plats.  There are also new State requirements for recording plats.  There is a second disc that has to be created after I have stamped the plat, this would be called a TIFF File.  If the plat is not larger than11 x 17 I can creat that disc here in my office.  The charge for that disc is $10.00.

           Rezone plats have 1 year to be recorded! 

  June 1, 2015 new plat guide lines.

Steps for plat approval  


Click on the following link for a list of our fees:

Fee Schedule

Hey Look!      

Need the zone of a property?  

With a map and parcel number, the following zoning book can be used to check the zoning of a particular piece of property. This is for general reference only and does not reflect any changes after the date below. The current and official version is in the Madison County Planning & Zoning Department.

Zoning Book 1/6/16




District Maps  

Madison County is divided into 5 Commission Districts.

District Map  

Madison County Board of Commissioners


Future Land Use

  • The density parameters relate specifically to subdivision developments and do not apply to single parcel splits within rural residential areas.

  • Conservation subdivisions are appropriate in A2, RR, R1, R2, and R3 zones. Requests may be made to rezone to a more intensive classification (from A2 to RR) to increase the lot yield for conservation subdivisions.

The Future Land Use Element of the Comprehensive Plan

The Future Land Use Map

2001 Comprehensive Plan

Madison County's 2001 Comprehensive Plan can be accessed by the following web address below. You may find some documents useful in PDF format or maps in JPEG

  • Water Systems
  • Sewer Systems
  • Existing Land Use

2001 Comprehensive Plan can be found at the site Department of Community Affairs

Short Term Work Program   Adopted 8/27/2012

The next update on the Comprehensive Plan will be due 2017.

Area, Yard, and Height Requirements

Click on the following link for a table of area, yard, and height requirements with setbacks for buildings and structures in our county:

Area, Yard, and Height Requirements

Additional Setbacks:

  • Wells and septic are regulated by the Madison County Health Department. 
  • Chicken houses - 200' from any property line ( 400' from any home other than the owner's).
  • Storage buildings - the same as the above table for Area, Yard, and Height Requirements.
  • Swimming pools - 10' from the property line.
  • Signs - 70' from centerline and 5' from ROW on Federal and State roads; 60' from centerline and 5' from ROW on County roads; If the sign is not on the subject's property, the ROW is determined by the property's zoning classification.
  • Fences, walls, shrubbery, or other obstructions to vision - anything 2.5' to 15' above the finished grade of streets cannot be within 20' of the intersection of the rights-of-way lines of streets or railroads (8.4.3).

General Information

  • Pre-owned mobile homes have new guidlines so please check with Planning & Zoning or Building Inspection for details. 
  • You do not have to have 5 ac. for a mobile home, it is treated the same as a site built home.  The lot size depends on the zone of the property.  If it is any existing lot, you will need to be able to meet  the property set backs.
  • Campers can only be used as a residence when you have a active permit for building a home.
  • It is required to have at least 1 ac. per horse or cow.
  • A private drive or easement can only serve four lots.
  • Only 1 single-family dwelling will be allowed on a lot, unless otherwise permitted by zoning, such as medical hardships, caretakers, and accessory dwelling units.
  • Property can only be split 3 times for a total of 4 lots within a 3 year period, without falling into major subdivision regulations.
  • Any structure that is used for a residence, office or business that is 100 sq. ft. or larger must be permitted.
  • Any accessory building such as a storage building smaller than 288 sq. ft. does not have to permitted.  If you are adding electrical you must get an electrical permit.
  • Commercial buildings under 5,000 sq. ft. are not required to have building planes but are required to have a site plan. 

Chicken House Requirements    

Political Sign!     

Section 10.9: Permitted in A-1, A-2, RR, R-1, R-2, R-3

Political signs, nonilluminated, not to exceed eight sq. ft. of area.

Maximum height for A-1, A-2, & RR is 20'.

Maximum height for R-1, R-2, & R-3, is 5'.

Political signs are not permitted in B & I zones.




Zoning Classifaction Summary

The following information is provided for reference only, and is not the official version of the Madison County Zoning Ordinance. The official version can be obtained in the Madison County Planning and Zoning Department.

Madison County Zoning Ordinance  Codified 12/2/2013       

Adoption page:12/2/2013

For building question please check the Building Inspection page.       

Amendments 2013! 
Section 6.1.4 a Nonconforming lot for rezone 1/7/2013
Section Fencing in a B zone 1/7/2013
Section 7.7 B-Business District 1/7/2013
Article VII Use Chart 1/7/2013
B-1 and B-2 are to be deleted and replaced by B-Business District in the Zoning Ordinance  1/7/2013

Amending zoning map and deleting B-1 and B-2 to B  1/7/2013

Section 9.21 Manufactured Mobile Units  Amended  2/11/2013

Amendment to A1, A2, and RR for Respite Homes  3/4/2013

Section Parking Lots   3/4/2013

Section 11.1.1 Area Var.   3/4/2013

Article VIII Minimum side setback to 15' 4/1/2013

Section 12.3.3 GADOT letter May 6, 2013

Amendment to Article III Definitions  Aug. 5, 2013

Amendment to Article VII  Zoning chart   Aug. 5, 2013

Section 7.12 WP Watershed Protection District   Aug. 5, 2013

Article X  Signs and Billboards   Aug. 5, 2013


Amendments 2014 

Section 9.22 Solar Farms    May 5, 2014


Amendments 2015 

Section and amending the use chart Approved March 2, 2015

Section Cell towers in Industrial zones  Approved March 2, 2015

Section Nonconforming Structure  Approved May 4, 2015

Section 9.23 Urban Agriculture Approved June 1, 2015

Section 9.5.1 and 9.5.2 Home occupations  Approved June 1, 2015

Section Withdrawal of application  Approved June 1, 2015

Section Denial of a rezone   Approved July 6, 2015 

Section 11.2.3 Denial of a Use Variance  Approved August 3, 2015

Section 11.9.3 Sign Variance Approved August 3, 2015

Article VII Use Chart: Confined animal feeding  Approved Sept. 10, 2015


The following information is provided for reference only, and is not the official version of the Madison County Subdivision Regulations. The official version can be obtained in the Madison County Planning and Zoning Department.

  • There is a 1000 feet pipeline buffer for wells in subdivisions.

Madison County Subdivision Regulations 1-4-2010  

Subdivision Amendment for 2008!    

Wells and Well Lots in a Subdivision 2/25/08

Subdivision Amendments for 2009!    

Conservation Subdivision Section 4.17.4    5/4/09

Final Plat requirements 10/5/09

Madison County Development Standards Program (Section 5.3 of the Subdivision Regulations)

Required Utility Layout for Major Subdivisions with lots of 3 acres or less (Appendix 2)

Preliminary Plat Questionnaire

Preliminary Plat Review

Final Plat Questionnaire

    The following information is provided for reference only, and is not the official version of the Madison County Mobile Home Park Regulations. The official version can be obtained in the Madison County Planning & Zoning Department.

    Stormwater Ordinance  Adopted 2/27/2006

    Manufactured Home Park Regulations   Codified 11/4/2013 




    1.  The County clerk is designated as the Open Records Officer to act    for Madison County and all of its related and subsidiary entities as defined in the Act,

    2.  All requests for records made under the Act directed to the County shall be made in writing to the Open Records Officer.

    Feel Free To Drop By The Office Any Time!

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