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Staff & Contact Information

Chief Building Inspector - Eddie Pritchett 

Phone: 706-795-6350


Building Inspector - Jonathan Cook 

Phone: 706-795-6350 

Permit Clerk - Angela T. West 

Phone: 706-795-6350


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Inspector(s) are generally in the office between 8:00am to 9:00 am and 4:00pm to 5:00pm.

This is not a guarantee that the inspector will be available to take calls at that time. 


Application Submissions:

Permit Fees:

Permit Fee List (as of 2024)

Do you need a Permit?

Please Note:  A Property Owner Authorization Form is now required to be filled out and signed in front of a notary by the property owner in order to give authorization for anyone other than the property owner to pull a permit. Effective: 5/2/22.  This form is included in the application packet. 

If you live in the City Limits of Colbert, Comer, Ila or Danielsville, you fall under their jurisdiction.

Contractor Registration and Affidavit Forms (Included in the permit packets)

Scheduling an Inspection:

Inspections must be requested by Phone, as we do not automatically come out. When calling for an inspection, it will be placed on the next available business day. (Please allow up to two business days) If you have called and scheduled an inspection and it's not going to be ready, it's the responsibility of the contractor or property owner to call and cancel the inspection by 8:15 AM to prevent a re-inspection fee.  This fee increases with each additional reinspection. Please see the fee schedule for additional information.  

Permit Requirement(s) and Application Packets by Type 

Permit approval must be obtained from the Zoning Department if the Property lies outside of the city limits.  The Zoning Approval form is included in the application packets.  You will NOT need to fill this form out. It is for department use only. 

If the property lies within the City limits, you will need to obtain a letter of approval from the City Hall in which the property is located.  You will NOT need to acquire approval from the Zoning Department if  you have a letter of approval from the City.  

A permit will NOT be issued unless all necessary information is approved, completed and submitted together as listed in the requirements portion of your packet for each permit.  


Residential Permits (These forms would also be used for remodels and additions)

Temporary Housing (Camper) Permit - This permit can only be issued with a new residential home building permit. This permit is good for 12 months only with a valid residential building permit

Non - Residential 

Non-Residential Building Permits (used for barns, porches, decks, roofing structures, garages, carports and other non residential buildings)

Electrical (only) Permits

HVAC (only) Permits

Plumbing (only) Permits

Swimming Pool Permits

Demolition Permits

Commercial and Other Permit Types 

Commercial Permits

Plans Review Requirements

Cell Tower Permits (used the commercial application packet)

Poultry House Permit 

Helpful Handouts

Anchorage for Storage Building

Assembly Guide for Service Mast 

Construction Exit

Footing Diagram

Framing Detail #1

Framing Detail #2

Mobile Home Porches & Entries

Mobile Home Skirting & Ventilation

Permit Card Posting

Temporary Power Pole (T-Pole)

Utility Pole

Window Egress

Other Information

**Permits are good for 6 months after the date of issue.  A passing inspection within the active 6 month period will automatically renew the permit for another 6 months. Otherwise, the permit expires and you will be required to re-permit at full costs.**

NOTE: All application Packets have been updates as of 5/21/2024. Please use the current forms when applying for a permit as some of the required information has changed. 


You may access your property information, such as map and parcel and zoning, by going to and doing a search for your property.

For information and inquires regarding permits, you will need to submit an open records request. You may request an open records request form or email your request directly to Christina Baxter, the County Clerk at or call her office at 706-795-6306.

To file a complaint regarding issues that would fall within the Building Inspections Jurisdiction, please submit a Complaint Form with detailed information regarding your issue to the Building Inspections office.  Your submission will be addressed as soon as possible.  

For information regarding septic permits or records you will need to contact the Madison County Health Department at 706-795-2131.

For information regarding deeds or to get a copy of your plat you will need to contact the Clerk of Court's office at 706-795-6310.

For questions regarding property splits and zoning, or to get approval for a permit, you will need to contact the Zoning Department at 706-795-6340.

Zoning Permit Approval Form (included with all permit packets)

The Building Inspections Office cannot make recommendations or supply lists of contractors to the public.  It is your responsibility to choose and make contact with the contractors used on each job you seek to permit. 

Other Numbers you may need to know:

Water Department 706-795-9865

Property Valuation (Tax Assessors) 706-795-6355

Tax Commissioner 706-795-6385

Road Department: 706-795-6260

Board of Commissioners 706-795-6300

Magistrate Court 706-795-6375

City of Colbert 706-788-2311

City of Comer 706-783-4552

City of Carlton 706-797-3210

City of Danielsville 706-795-2189

City of Hull 706-234-0430

City of Ila 706-789-2244