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Madison County 

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IT Specialist - Thomas Smallwood   

Phone: 706-202-5973

Fax:      706-795-5668

Email: tsmallwood@madisonco.us 

Other Resources & Departments 

The links below are other services offered in Madison County as well as other resources you may need.  If you should need assistance in one of these areas please use the links provided for additional information or contact that department directly.  

Action Incorporated website

ACTION Incorporated

99 Sunset Drive 

Danielsville, GA 30633

Phone: 706-795-2180 Fax: 706-795-3993

cooperative extension website

Cooperative Extension

97 Sunset Drive P.O. Box 68

Danielsville, Ga 30633

Phone: 706-795-2281

Email: uge1191@uga.edu 

Madison Area Resource team website

Madison Area Resource Team (M.A.R.T.)

97 Sunset Drive P.O. Box 1034

Danielsville, GA 30633

Phone: 706-795-3565

Email: connect@madisoncofc.net Facebook Page

university of georgia extension website

University of Georgia Extension

Contact your County Office

madison county board of education website

Madison County Board of Education

800 Madison St 

Danielsville, GA 30633


Facebook Page 

georgia burn permits website

Georgia Burn Permits

Phone: 877-652-2876

madison county chamber of commerce website
district attorneys website

District Attorney's Office

40 Spring Lake Dr. P.O. Box 843

Danielsville, GA 30633

Phone: 706-795-6321 Fax: 706-795-3588

Madison County DFACS

135 General Daniels Ave. N. P.O. Box 176

Danielsville, GA 30633

Phone: 706-795-2128

Open to the Public Tuesdays & Wednesdays 9:00am - 3:00pm


Home of the Madison County Journal  

33 Lee Street P.O. Box 908

Jefferson, GA 30549

Phone: 706-367-5233

Madison County Health Department

1424 Hwy 98 W. P.O. Box 26

Danielsville, GA 30633

Phone: 706-795-2131 Fax: 706-795-2632

Teen Matters: 706-795-2506 Teen Text Line: 706-424-2049

Georgia department of driver services website

Georgia Department of Driver Services 

See site for locations and contact information 

madison county library website

Madison County Library

1315 Hwy 98 W.

Danielsville, GA 30633

Phone: 706-795-5597

Email: madcolib@yahoo.com Facebook Page 

department of community affairs website


Department of Community Affair


Madison County Probate Court Facebook 

accg advancing georgia counties website

Madison County Superior  Court Facebook 

georgia ada coordinator website

State of Georgia ADA Coordinator's Office

Americans with Disabilities Act